Services Provided by VRC

Helping victims become survivors since 1974.

Victims Resource Center offers a broad spectrum of services to men, women, adolescents and children who are victims of crime, as well as their family members and friends affected by the incident. Services are always free of charge and confidential.

24-hour telephone hotline

Staffed by trained counselor/advocates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, each office has a hotline for victims of crime to call. Carbon County: 610-379-0151, Luzerne County: 570-823-0765 and Wyoming County: 570-836-5544

24-hour support to domestic violence victims

For Wyoming County victims of domestic violence or their family/friends can call the hotline 570-836-5544 to request help. A VRC counselor/advocate is available to accompany and provide support to a victim when they go to the hospital to receive emergency treatment or apply for an emergency protection from abuse order (PFA).

Accompaniment to hospitals, police stations and court proceedings

Following a crime, victims often times feel alone. A VRC counselor/advocate is available to accompany a victim to a hospital to receive emergency treatment, to a police station to file a report and to court proceedings to offer support during these difficult times.

Assistance with crime victims compensation claims

Victims of crime have the right to be compensated financially for their out of pocket losses due to emotional and physical injuries. We assist victims with properly completing the necessary paperwork to file a claim. You can download the .pdf version of the form by clicking here or you can complete an on-line claim by visiting the VCAP website.

Assistance with completing victim impact statements

Victims involved in criminal prosecutions are notified of their right to offer a written and oral victim impact statement detailing the physical, psychological and economic effects of the crime. Upon request, the victim can receive assistance in preparing his or her statement.

Assistance with filing orders

Protection from Abuse (PFA), Protection from Intimidation (PFI), and Protection of Victims of Sexual Assault (PSVI) orders 
PFA paperwork can be complicated to complete. In Wyoming, Luzerne or Carbon County our trained counselor/advocates assist victims of crime in identifying which protection order would fit their situation; assist in properly completing the paperwork and providing information about filing procedures. A counselor/advocate is available to accompany victims who have filed for a protective order to hearings.

Assistance with restitution claim forms

VRC counselor/advocate informs victims of their right to restitution under Pennsylvania law and advocates on behalf of the victim for the inclusion of restitution in any court disposition.


VRC counselor/advocates provide a range of services to individuals during any legal proceeding including orientation to the process, accompaniment and advocacy

Individual advocacy
VRC counselor/advocates provide intervention to obtain information and provide active and visible support in order for victims to obtain needed services and resources. 


Crisis counseling
VRC counselor/advocates provide a range of services to a victim during any crisis that may occur in the aftermath of a crime in order to assist a victim in managing the crisis.

Group counseling
VRC provides a range of groups utilizing both support and psycho-educational formats. Support groups provide an opportunity for victims of crime to come together to share experiences and gain strength as part of their healing.

Individual counseling
VRC counselor/advocates provide support, information and options to assess the ongoing needs for each victim and develop a plan to address these needs.

Information and referral

VRC counselor/advocates provide information and referral to resources that meet victim-identified needs that cannot be met by the center.

Notification of juvenile court proceedings

All victims of juvenile crime have the right to be notified of all juvenile court proceedings. VRC counselor/advocates work with the juvenile probation officer and the prosecutor to ensure these rights.

Referral to safe housing

VRC counselor/advocates provide referrals to victims for a shelter in surrounding counties for the safety of the victim and his or her children.