Identity Theft/Fraud Resources

Assisting you in your identity theft recovery.

Keep in mind, a counselor/advocate is available to help you navigate these websites and forms, and assist you in your identity theft recovery. Please call 570-823-0765 (Luzerne County), 570-836-5544 (Wyoming County), or 610-379-0151 (Carbon County) to talk to a counselor.

Use this website for a simple, step-by-step process to figuring out the type of crime to report, how to file a complaint, and recovery steps.

If you suspect that your mail has been stolen resulting in identity theft or fraud file a complaint here.

For tax-related identity theft (i.e. someone filed taxes under your name) safety measures and recovery steps go to this website.

Use this website to file an internet crime complaint with the FBI such as E-mail spam, terrorist tips, and fraudulent business activity or employment schemes.

888-400-5530 (Spanish available)

This website can be utilized for assistance with resolving identity theft cases, and for education on topics such as cyber security, data breaches, scams, privacy, and prevention for individuals and organizations. This resource can also be used to obtain access to fact sheets/documents and videos about specific topics related to identity theft.

Use this website to become aware of common, up-to-date scams.

To restrict telemarketers from calling you sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry at this website.

If you donate money you can research the charity to ensure that the charity is reputable and educate yourself about what your donation will be going towards. Use these websites to make sure you are not being scammed by a bogus charity.

What is Identity Theft/Fraud?

Learn the difference between identity theft and identity fraud, what to do if you’re a victim and how to safeguard your information.