Prevention Education Programs

* Numbers following the program refer to PA Health Education Standards
Child Safety For Pre K to grade 2

focuses on the concept of safe/unsafe touch and who to go to for help (No-Go-Tell)

*10.3.3 A, B
Parent programs are also available

Sexual Assault Prevention for individuals with disabilities

Any age. This program focuses on the concepts of three kinds of touches, telling, and personal boundaries.


A three session bullying program for grades 3-5 “WEIRD”

This program will include reading from the WEIRD series of books by Erin Frankel, on bullying. This will be followed by discussion and activities related to bullying issues. Part I is from the bully victims point of view, part II is from the bystander’s point of view, and part III is from the Bully’s point of view. 45 minutes per session.

*10.3.3A; 10.3.6A

Building Healthy Relationships For grades 3-6

This single session program deals with respect, bullying and consequences, identifying feelings, telling, diversity issues, what to do if you’re being bullied and bystander intervention.

*10.3.3A; 10.3.6 A

Four session Building Healthy Relationships for grade 6

An in depth program that includes basic relationship skills: self definition, assertive communication, respect/bullying and consequences, bystander intervention, anger management and conflict resolution.

*10.2.6 D, *10.3.6 A, C

Expect Respect for grades 7-10

A nationally recognized evidenced-based, primary prevention program that targets the underlying causes of violence in order to change social norms and prevent dating violence before it occurs.

The program is delivered in six sessions and covers: Power status, Privilege, Sexual Harassment/Hate Crimes/ Gender Identity LGBTQ; Bullying, teasing, cyber bullying sexting; Media & Cultural Influence, Masculinity and violence among men and women in relationships; Healthy Relationships, Identify the types of abuse? What men can do to stop violence; Drugs alcohol, consent, and Sexual violence; Bystander effect: What would you do? How would you respond?

*10.3.9 A, C; 10.3.12, A, C

Cyber Safety grades 3-6

Covers basics of cyber safety, recognizing cyber strangers and dealing with cyber relationships.

*10.3.6 A

Cyber Bullying grades 6-12

Covers cyber safe relationships, consequences of sexting, online bullying and harassment.

*10.3.6A, 10.3.9 A

Sexual Harassment in School grades 7-12

Helps students recognize sexually harassing behaviors in school and steps to take if it is happening.

*10.3.9 A

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace grades 11-12

For who are working or about to enter the work place. This program provides students with information on dealing with sexual harassment in the work place and reporting options.

*10.3.9 A

Acquaintance Rape and Prevention grades 8-12

This program focuses on acquaintance rape, consent, alcohol, statutory sexual assault law, and bystander intervention to prevent sexual violence.

*10.3.9 A, C; 10.3.12 A, C

Safe Dating grades 8-12

This multi-session program focuses on healthy dating relationships, recognizing signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and ways to be safe. This program utilizes the evidence-based Safe Dates Curriculum.

*10.3.9 A, C; 10.3.12, A, C

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