Educational Programs for the Community

Victims Resource Center

An overview presentation includes information on the organization’s history, philosophy and services.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness

Explains the incidence, indicators and psychological effects of child sexual abuse. The program describes how parents can empower children to say NO to inappropriate touches and to TELL someone. It also explains how parents can explain “private parts” to children.

Parents in the Know

This eight-hour interactive program for parents aimed at PREVENTING sexual abuse of children. This curriculum is designed to help adults define and enforce safe boundaries for children primarily between birth and age 10. Delivery of the program is flexible. It can be presented in four, two-hour blocks or two, four-hour blocks.

Victimization Awareness

Discusses the psychological, emotional, physical and financial impact victimization has on a person’s life.

Bringing in the Bystander

This three-session program is aimed at prevention of gender violence through bystander intervention. Participants in this program will gain an understanding of the concept of bystander intervention; be able to identify a continuum of inappropriate sexual behavior; will understand their role in bystander intervention; will understand their own barriers to bystander intervention and techniques to overcome them; and develop skills to intervene as a bystander.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Focuses on the dynamics of abuse, legal options, support options, the effects on children and individual and community safety. Only available in Wyoming County.

Cyber Safety

Raises awareness of the risk of child exploitation on the Internet and discusses ways to protect privacy online. The program also addresses Cyberbullying and Sexting.

Interested in Learning More?

Protecting you, your children and your community is important to us. Let us teach you how to discourage, recognize and respond to abuse.