Educational Programs for the Community

Victims Resource Center

An overview presentation includes information on the organization’s history, philosophy and services.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness

Explains the incidence, indicators and psychological effects of child sexual abuse. The program describes how parents can empower children to say NO to inappropriate touches and to TELL someone. It also explains how parents can explain “private parts” to children.

Parents in the Know

The Parents in the Know program is primary prevention training.  It focuses on teaching parents warning signs of potential perpetrators; recognizing behaviors that may be part of the “grooming” process; teaching parents skills to intervene when they observe inappropriate behaviors by adults toward children; and how to report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

Parents in the Know (PITK) builds skills in parents to protect children and promote healthy safe relationships.  Parents in the Know encourages parents to use bystander engagement to interrupt and prevent adult perpetration of child sexual abuse.  Parents in the Know also helps parents build skills to foster resiliency.  The curriculum helps parents talk with children, build connections with other parents and find support with the communities to protect children and encourage healthy relationships.  This 4-session primary prevention program not only raises parents’ awareness of child sexual abuse but builds their skills for proactive behaviors which could reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.

Victimization Awareness

Discusses the psychological, emotional, physical and financial impact victimization has on a person’s life.

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) raises awareness about the level of men’s verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse of women.  It challenges thinking by countering mainstream messages about gender violence.  It creates a safe environment which promotes open dialogue and encourages men and women to share their opinions and experiences.  This program also inspires leadership by empowering participants with options to affect change in their communities.  Mentors in Violence Prevention is a multi-session program.  It utilizes a “bystander” approach. It focuses on young men not as perpetrators or potential perpetrators, but as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers – and support abused ones. It focuses on young women not as victims or potential targets of harassment, rape and abuse, but as empowered bystanders who can support victims and confront perpetrators (Katz).  This program is designed to stimulate critical thinking about gender norms and to elevate pro-social characteristics over silence and conformity.

The MVP program has four primary aims: to raise awareness of men’s verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of women; to challenge mainstream messages about gender, sex, and violence; to create a safe environment for dialogue between men and women, so that students may share their opinions and experiences; to inspire leadership by empowering participants with concrete options to effect change in their respective communities and their own lives.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Focuses on the dynamics of abuse, legal options, support options, the effects on children and individual and community safety. Only available in Wyoming County.

Cyber Safety

Raises awareness of the risk of child exploitation on the Internet and discusses ways to protect privacy online. The program also addresses Cyberbullying and Sexting.

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