Local, State & National Advocacy

Support for Victims.

Victims Resource Center is an advocate for victims and victims’ rights. We are a resource of support for victims. We speak in support of victims and victims rights on the local, state and national levels.


As an advocacy group, we have developed numerous community events that bring attention to the issue of victims’ rights. We support. We educate. We advocate. We have since 1974 and will continue to do so not only for victims, but with them as well. Please go to the events page for a listing of current events.


Victims Resource Center is dedicated to helping victims of crime become survivors. We also place a great deal of resources into putting the rights of victims into the forefront of the local and national political scene. It is important that we continue to work with our legislators to formulate policies regarding the rights of victims. Below are links to resources available through VRC.

Legislative Updates
Click to see the latest changes in laws and new laws that have been passed.

Speak Out
Newsletter provides information on VRC services and educational programs. It also provides information on various events that VRC sponsors or participates in.

Know Your Rights

Victims of crime have rights. Read the complete Bill of Rights.