Service Comments

About Our Victim/Survivor Services

“Very nice and supportive …helped me to realize it’s not my fault and to feel better”

“Always had help when I needed it“

“Counselor easy to talk to… feel safe and secure discussing the events that happened”

“having someone to talk to and not judge”

“understood my fears and feelings”

“helpfulness of the staff…willing to work around my schedule”

“letting my son know it wasn’t his fault and he can live life knowing that… guys helped my son in a big way”

“has helped my confidence and anger”

“I learned a lot about the legal system than I knew before”

“24 hour access”

“I am very grateful for the staff and the kindness and concern toward me”

“very understanding of my feelings….helped me to know I’m not crazy”

“got me my money back!”

“how compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable my counselor was and the supervisors”

“that there are non-judgmental people that care enough to help people”

“I could be honest”

“I felt comfortable”

“made me feel safe when she was at court with me“

“someone to help me cope with flashbacks and realize it’s not my fault… thank you”

“I am not alone“

“counselors are very cool, generous and informative – I love them “

About Our Educational Programs

“Thank you for coming to our school to talk about bullying. I will do my best to speak up when I see someone being bullied.”

About Our Community Training Programs

“Very well done and informative across the board”

“This was a great training with a great deal of information provided”

“Very engaging and interesting”

“I enjoyed this training very much. Thank you”