About VRC

Advocacy, education and services to help victims.

We place a high value on individuality, equality and the right of each person to be treated with dignity. We believe that everyone has a right to live free from oppression and violence.

We believe that everyone has the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding his/her own life, and we support a healthy environment that nurtures that ability in each person.

We believe in a society that cares for people in ways that encourages them to be productive and caring toward others, free from interference by those wishing to coerce a particular lifestyle, and free from the fear that they are in danger of having their lives violated by others.

The Board of Directors

Mr. Thomas Mosca, Esq.,

Mr. Kim Dyszlewski,
Vice Chair

Ms. Sharon Lord,

Ms. Jada Swinski,

Mr. William Aquilino, Esq., Director Emeritus
Mr. William Bolan, Ph.D., Member
Ms. Meghan Flanagan, Member
Mr. Paul Mendofik, Member
Ms. Mary Moga, Member

Ms. Lisa Ninotti, Director Emeritus
Mr. Richmond Parsons, Member
Ms. Maura Goodwin Smith, Member
Ms. Lisa Valenti, Director Emeritus
Ms. Katrina Wallace, Member


To address the issue of violence against victims in whatever form it takes.

To support the principles of nonviolence as they address victims’ issues and the greater issue of violence in society.

To act as the coordinating link among these systems that impact upon victimization.

To enhance the quality of care to victims through contact with law enforcement, court systems, social services, medical services, the legislature and the community at large.


  • To prevent victimization.
  • To sensitize society to the needs of victims.
  • To increase the quality of care provided to victims.

Client Services

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the special needs of victims of all crimes including, but not limited to abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence.